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REVIEW: Rycote PCS Boom Quick Release System - I caught a glimpse at this little guy back at the 2018 NAB show.  It was a prototype and it wasn’t on display.  Simon Davies at Rycote whipped it out from the cupboard as a preview.  It wasn’t quite there yet as it wobbled a bit, but it was still very exciting.  It weighed almost […]
REVIEW: K-Tek KSH1 Stingray Audio SunHat - I wanted to do a quick shout-out to another fine piece of manufacturing from those lovely people over at K-Tek. How do I know that its from K-Tek? Why, because of this! Yes yes, the beloved stingray brand which has brought us such magical wonders as the audio bags, the harness, and the flashlight souvenirs […]
REVIEW: Halter Technical Field and Scene Monitors - Are you tired of low grade IFB headphones?  Are you sick of your flimsy kit monitors snapping or buckling after a long day in the hands people who just don’t love them the way that you do?  Are you saddened to watch Director and Scripty show up with their own cans, leaving yours to face […]
REVIEW: Ursa Mini Mounts (vs RM-11 & DPA Concealer) - I want to approach this review from a standpoint of options. We all know as sound mixers that one of the holy grails of our profession would be a laving tool which works on every outfit, every time. Well, to the shock of no one, no such tool exists. However there are several tried and […]
TA4 Connectors are Bullshit And We All Know it - There seems to be this nothing in our industry that TA connector are somehow the future, better than what we’ve used in the past. And in some regards that is true.    Lectrosonics adopted the TA5 connector and set the stanard for how TA5 connectors should be wired for use with a lavalier.  The TA3F/M […]
Sound Devices (Audio Limited) A10-RACK - Days before IBC 2018 Sound Devices and Audio Limited announced the A10 rack. A 4-slot wireless receiver enclosure With Dante support. The total wireless track count for this 1HE 19 inch rack device will be 8, if all slots are filled with dual receivers. The outputs are analog or AES, besides the previously mentioned Dante. […]
Lectrosonics announced the SPDR recorder - Just announced by Lectrosonics; The Stereo Portable Digital Recorder. Like the initialism gives away, It supports both analog line level and AES digital sources, two of each. Also supported are 5v lav microphones (biased). On top of that you can sync the device with TC, to completely integrate it in your workflow. The device could be […]
REVIEW: Deity S-Mic 2 - As some of you may recall, once upon a time, a lighting company decided to make a microphone.  Now that might seem strange to you, and it definitely is.  But aside from that strangeness, a few curious people decided to pick one up.  And then a few more, and then a few more, until it […]
This week in Sound #8 - More about the new Deity Mics and Wireless systems Last week, Andrew Jones from Deity Microphones sat down with Thomas Popp from Video Mantis. They tested the soon to be released microphones and also quickly ‘gossiped’ about the possibility of a new wireless system. Some interesting quotes: It is technically in development for about 2.5 […]
Zaxnet Pre-amp Whine & RF Issues: Solutions - Since the dawn of time, man has had to contend with the infamous “whining” sound on nearby pre-amps when using a Zaxcom IFB transmitter at full power, and even tougher scans on receivers when it is on the same BDS system.  Well…. maybe not since the dawn of time, but when you’re trying to figure […]