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Batteries Part 3: DIY Pelican Battery - So Pelican batteries… those are cool. I’ve been building one off and on for the past 3 months. And this blog post is WELL over due. Sorry for the delay. In early January it looked like this article was actually gonna be sponsored by a 18650 company so the video that was being edited was […]
Review: Zoom F1 - As I’ve stated before I will not personally review the Zoom F1. I think I’m a little bias to say the least. But Curtis Judd just did a review that is pretty honest and even mentions some faults.  One feature that was not mentioned is there is a tone signal you can enable in the […]
Review: Halter Technical IFB Headset - Two weeks ago Halter Technical came out with a new premium IFB headset. I’ve had it since it came out and its a huge improvement over their past model but also it holds the title of premium very well. I picked up a IFB ear piece on my last stop to Audio Department. While there […]
Tutorial: Über DIY Olympia Cart #Pimping - Olympia Tools reach out to me a month ago and asked if I would mod and hack one of their carts into a proper filmmaking style cart. I said YES! LOL http://amzn.to/2D3OHyg These carts sell on Amazon Prime between $50-$100 with free shipping. More often than not they average between $50 – $70 really. So […]
Review: Ursa Pouches - So Ursa sent us some gear to review and we will first start with the Ursa Pouches. The reason for us to start with these is because they baffled us the most. That is it to until I did a little reading and happened to take a winter trip to Vegas to see the queen […]
REVIEW: K-Tek Airo – A Professional Sound Mixer’s Perspective - So I’m going to be taking a look at K-Tek’s new product line, called Airo.  As many of us have heard by now, Airo is a new brand from K-Tek which features low cost gear and accessories that they claim still maintains their high standards for durability and quality.   Their initial line consists of […]
NAMM 2018 DIY Wrap-Up - This year was my first year to go to NAMM and it was eye opening. Who knew so many people out there made ukules. I heard more than I think I ever could have wanted…. oh my. But other than looking at the instruments I spent most of my time in the pro-audio expo rooms […]
Behind The Scenes: Zoom F1 - So this is not going to be a review of the Zoom F1. No. There will be plenty of people out there doing that. No this is instead a look at the LONG development life of the Zoom F1 and a look behind the scenes of how we shot the Zoom F1 videos. So the idea […]
Tutorial: DIY Audio Bag Handle - So I have really started to embrace my K-Tek MixPro bag. I have a brand new dual receiver wireless microphone kit coming to me from a new wireless company that will work with the MOLLE mounts on the Stingray MixPro. I will be reviewing those soon, hopefully next week??? It really will depend on shipping […]
Sennheiser G3: A Retrospective - Yesterday Sennheiser “soft-announced” the long awaited arrival of the Sennheiser G4. The Sennheiser G3 has been on the market for nearly a decade. In that time 100,000’s of units were sold. And before Sennheiser releases the G4 this April here are some odd facts about the G3 units you probably didn’t know. You will notice […]