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This week in Sound #8 - More about the new Deity Mics and Wireless systems Last week, Andrew Jones from Deity Microphones sat down with Thomas Popp from Video Mantis. They tested the soon to be released microphones and also quickly ‘gossiped’ about the possibility of a new wireless system. Some interesting quotes: It is technically in development for about 2.5 […]
Zaxnet Pre-amp Whine & RF Issues: Solutions - Since the dawn of time, man has had to contend with the infamous “whining” sound on nearby pre-amps when using a Zaxcom IFB transmitter at full power, and even tougher scans on receivers when it is on the same BDS system.  Well…. maybe not since the dawn of time, but when you’re trying to figure […]
REVIEW: K-Tek Lav Pouches - I’m a night owl.  Always have been, and probably always will be.  What do I do when I’m awake at night?  Why, I think about gear, of course!  Gear in all builds, all ranges, all shapes, and all sizes.  From the complex electronics, to the simplest of accessories.  And that’s what brings me here.  Sometimes […]
This Week in Sound #7 - Better late than never, This/Last Week in Sound! Zaxcom Deva 24 Record Processor warning Last week a couple of posts popped up on Zaxcom user groups, the latest addition to Zaxcom’s recorder line-up showed some users this message: Record Processor Not Responding, Restart Deva Now Zaxcom’s Director of Product Development Howard Stark responded today with a […]
Deity Microphones going wireless? - Last weekend at the CineExpo LA, Deity Microphones informed the interested crowd that they are exploring the idea of offering a wireless RX/TX system. Deity Microphones is a spin-off of Aputure. This month they will launch the successor of their waterproof shotgun microphone. Of course we contacted our formal editor in chief, now Head of North America […]
This Week in Sound #6 - Consumer VS pro Wireless systems This week Curtis Judd goes over the differences between an entry level wireless audio system, vs the more expensive ones. He compares the RODELink, Sennheiser G3 (and now G4), and the Audio Limited A10 system in the video. We clarify the important differences so you can understand when a consumer […]
3d Printing for Location Sound ‘Database’ - I remember around 2010, tech journalists predicted that around 2020 everybody would have a 3D printer at home, just as normal it would be as having a normal (paper) printer. Well, I think it is safe to say that is not exactly the case, but price wise there shouldn’t really be an excuse not to, […]
This Week in Sound #5 - Firmware update for the Sound Devices Mix Pre series Yesterday Sound Devices made Firmware v2.20 available for download.  For a complete (huge) list all the addressed issues and extra’s, or to download the firmware, go check out Sound Devices’ Website. See the Aaton Cantaress in real life If you are one of the few Aaton […]
Ursa Straps announced the Mini Mounts - British based Ursa Straps (I guess they have to change the name now) announced a series of Mini Mounts this week, meant to be used for concealed lavalier microphone placement. The mounts are specifically designed for a microphone, to be friction fitted and kept in place by a sticky piece, also available in the exact […]
Sound-related things to order from China - “Hi, I’m Vincent and I’m addicted to ordering from China”. For over a decade I have a kind of hobby scrolling all night the sites like eBay, AliExpress and Banggood, in search for little things related to our field of work for about no money at all. Sometimes only the free shipping is reason enough […]