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Review: Halter Technical Elite Monitors - Disclosure: Halter Technical sent me these headphones for review for a seperate media outlet. Halter Technical has not had any input into this article. Introducing the Halter Technical Elite Monitors If you aren’t familiar with Halter Technical, that’s okay. They aren’t a big name brand you should recognize. They are a smaller niche brand that […]
Masks, Shields, Covid-19 and the Film/TV World - Are you working on Film and TV sets right now? Well screw you pal, you’re one of the lucky ones. Most of us have had maybe one or two days here and there but are otherwise stuck in this weird 4th dimension where we want to work, but want to be safe, but don’t know […]
Lavalier Technique: Paperclip Spacer - Using A Paperclip To Create An Air Pocket Around A Lavalier Capsule Arguably one of the biggest learning curves there is in the knowledge base required as a sound recordist is the art of lav placement. They are an essential part of modern production workflows to allow quality audio in scenarios such as extreme wides […]
Synco, The Next Big Thing? - Is Synco’s Wireless System the next big thing in the Pro Audio game?   Nope. Ease of use. That’s the thing that this system really has going for it. From unboxing to functioning at its best is a short trip. Open box, add batteries, plug into recorder, auto sync channels, dial in “volume” on the […]
REVIEW: Deity Connect & HD-TX - Since the Deity HD-TX has just been released, I feel that the time has finally come to give a good look at the Deity Connect system as a whole. The base Connect system has been out for a while, however since then, it has undergone enough firmware changes that it truly feels as if it […]
REVIEW: Deity S-Mic 2s - When the original S-Mic 2 was released, it made a huge impact on the low budget mic market. What was more, it sounded great. It punched far above its weight class to the point where it was a tool that I very much wanted to have in my arsenal, and still do. Its excellent build […]
REVIEW: Coga Glow Pots - You know what really isn’t fun?  Being in the dark with the lights out, and having a hard time seeing your fader positions.   You know what really is fun?  Having your fader knobs glow in the dark!  You know what else is fun?  Having your fader knobs be different colors! As I find myself […]
HIGHLIGHT: Video Mantis - Most of the time, I find myself writing and making videos and reviews about gear. But today, I’d like to change direction a bit and highlight an amazing resource that we all have as audio professionals, thanks to an incredibly devoted and industrious peer. Sound Mixer Thomas Popp, a man who has literally written THE […]
Small Package, Big Thing: DPA 6060 Sub-Mini Lavs - There are products out that when you open them, they just feel right. Like when you unbox a MacBook or the open the door to that new car that’s just the right fit. This was how it felt when I unwound the 6060 for the first time. Smooth and light, with an unmistakable feeling of […]
REVIEW: West End Recording COMM/IFB Box - I spend a lot of my time at work doing one-man band jobs.  A lot of corporate, commercials, or narrative that requires sit down interviews with a C-Stand.  But at various intervals throughout the year, I do also work on a good amount of narrative projects which require a boom operator. Because I am not […]