Sound Devices MixPres USB functionality Part 1

The Sound Devices Mixpre-3 and Mixpre-6 are capable recorders, but they are also very nice USB audio interfaces. You can record audio to your computer, from your computer, and other things. In this first part of a two part USB video series, I walk you through the basics of using the Mixpres as a USB…

Review: Walkie Caddie

This might be the most exciting thing to happen to elastic bands since underwear. On its face the Walkie Caddie is 2 bands of elastic that have been seen together to make loops… But it’s so much more then that.

K-Tek Gizmo Bags

Finding storage for small items can turn into a quest; searching big box stores for solutions that only “kind of” work. K-Tek has developed a line of bags called Gizmo bags to solve this issue, and I give a brief run down on these in this video: