Tips and Tricks – DPA 4098

Recently I found myself with an opportunity to try out DPA’s 4098, a podium microphone, as a plant mic. The scene: a taxi driver with a passenger in the back seat. The dialogue was in arabic- so I didn’t understand a word, but I definitely heard them as clear as day. The 4098 is a super-cardiod, gooseneck mic and is available in a variety of … Continue reading Tips and Tricks – DPA 4098

Rode Videomic Pro+ Listening Test

Rode recently started shipping their new VideoMic Pro+ DSLR microphone, and I got my hands on one to do some testing. I really wanted to see how it sounds going through the various settings. In this video you can hear how it behaves. I typically run a Videomic on my camera as a backup to my wireless system and for reference. I was pretty impressed … Continue reading Rode Videomic Pro+ Listening Test