Sound-related things to order from China

“Hi, I’m Vincent and I’m addicted to ordering from China”. For over a decade I have a kind of hobby scrolling all night the sites like eBay, AliExpress and Banggood, in search for little things related to our field of work for about no money at all. Sometimes only the free shipping is reason enough to try something out. In the beginning there was eBay, … Continue reading Sound-related things to order from China

Review: Sennheiser SK2000 Transmitter

Outside of the Sennheiser G2/3 series most filmmakers have never worked with any of Sennheiser’s other wireless systems. That is why when a Sennheiser SK2000 fell into my lap I thought to myself… take it apart, snap photos, run a work bench test on the unit! The Sennheiser SK2000 has an odd place in the Sennheiser catalog. If you are a filmmaker Sennheiser tells you to … Continue reading Review: Sennheiser SK2000 Transmitter

Tutorial: $1 SMA Flexible Whip Antenna

Since doing my tutorial on how to mod the Sennheiser G2/G3 to have a SMA port I’ve been recieving a lot of questions on SMA antennas. And up till now I’ve said that people should only mod their recievers. Well I talked to some RF experts who have said that modding the transmitter would also help a lot too. I still use the Semnheiser G3 for talent … Continue reading Tutorial: $1 SMA Flexible Whip Antenna