T-Mobile, 600Mhz, and Wireless Microphones

You don’t have 39 months like you originally thought. During NAB I came across a wireless intercom booth that was playing a T-Mobile youtube video. Here is that video.

T-Mobile will begin testing their 600mhz cell towers by the end of this year. They now have published their roll out plan for permantly turning on those towers. Below their rollout maps county by county. Remember DISH and Comcast also purchased a lot of the 600MHZ band also in the auction and we are waiting for their roll out plans. The worst part is which 5mhz Bands T-Mobile will be using will vary city by city. Here is the raw FCC data on the auction.


The only thing worst then T-Mobile news about the 600mhz auction might be the CEO’s fashion choice.


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