Review: Pyle PCT60 Audio Cable Tester

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of soldering and the production company that contracts me from time to time to do it bought a new cable tester.

PYLE is a trash audio company. Their knock SM58 cost $14 on Amazon and their SM57 style Mic is a mere $12. The only time I’ve ever seen a PYLE speaker used in the wild is when I’m at LAX and TSA has one terribly set up on a very wobbly stand that they use to play a recording telling you to drop your pants or something. So I figured lets review this PYLE discount piece…

The intermittent light indicator is awesome when you have to wiggle about a 100ft XLR run to find the short and can’t keep your eye on the LEDs at all times. The LED matrix is really the same info as the Whirlwind 2 lines of LEDs… but it’s just easier to read really.

When testing cables with more then 3 pins you have to use the SW1-3 switch. Pins 1-3 are SW1, 4-6 is SW2, and 7-8 can be tested on switch position SW3. It’s not 100% perfect because it won’t tell you if say pin 8 and pin 2 are touching… but for audio purposes not a lot of cables are more then 3 pins.

PYLE-PRO PCT60 13 in 1 Audio Cable Tester-

The build quality is weaker… but it’s more then adequate for what’s needed.
Normally I hate PYLE and everything they make. I was shocked by this product. Since working with the PYLE tester I have since stopped using the Whirlwind tester all together.


4 thoughts on “Review: Pyle PCT60 Audio Cable Tester

  1. Nice review thank you Andrew, a couple of questions:
    I use the Behringer CT100 which is very similar. How does the LED matrix work for cables with more than 3 connections?
    On the CT100 the tone source is almost a square wave, 50%THD, how is it on the Pyle?


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