Review: Walkie Caddie

This might be the most exciting thing to happen to elastic bands since underwear. On its face the Walkie Caddie is 2 bands of elastic that have been sewn together to make loops… But it’s so much more then that.

Walkie Caddie (Black/White) –

Walkie Caddie (Black/Yellow) –


I purchased one as a gift to my wife who was about to start a new show and work in the field. She instantly fell in love with it day one on set. And I highly suggest this product to all woman who work on set. Clothing manufacturing don’t design pockets for woman to be actually used. And it’s very unfair. Now people can wear what ever style of clothing they want and still get their jobs done. My wife has said that the Walkie Caddie has been very liberating.

The Walkie Caddy lets you carry stuff, even bulky items like a Leatherman, without making you feel uncomfortable with all these items banging around in your pocket. I know cargo pants have those big awesome extra pockets but I have never been a fan of having a couple pounds of objects slapping against my knees while I walk. And because of it’s snug design it hugs each item keeping them silent when the camera is rolling, or more importantly when sound is rolling! If the sound guy is happy, everyone is happy!

And if you are reading this and have a rental business that deals in radios you should really consider adding these as an update item. Even at a $1-$2 a day rental they would pay for themselves on one feature film. And speaking of cost, at $25 the Walkie Caddie comes in cheaper then a basic one pouch grip belt which has been the traditional method for producers and non-grips to carry around just a couple of items.

Overall built quality is top notch. Even the minor details like adding a box stitch to fold down some material on the unit on the left side to accommodate the headset ports has been thought about. And it can even be used when charging the radio.

Popp Sound really hit one out of the park with this simple and elegant accessory that rethinks the traditional ways. What will we see next from them? Who knows… I personally would love to see a Comteks PR216 Caddie.

To purchase a Walkie Caddy you can check out their Facebook and shop there. Visit their store on Amazon HERE or check out their nation wide dealer network.


About the Author

Andrew Jones is a location sound mixer based in Los Angeles. He started in the TV and Film industry in 2004. You can email him at


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