USB to DC, 5V to 12V Converter Cable

Written By: Jimmy Hepworth

This simple cable can give you another powering option for your recorder. At only 6 bucks I had to give it a try. It works just as advertised, converting a small USB power bank into 12V for my Zoom F4.

Something I didn’t realize is that these little cell phone chargers keep a constant 5 volts which means it will step up to a constant 12 volts. That means your battery will read as full charge in the recorder until it dies completely. Because it keeps a constant 12 volts however, it can be plugged directly into the DC input of the F8.

A fun little back up power solution in case your in a pinch.


One thought on “USB to DC, 5V to 12V Converter Cable

  1. what about current draw ? all of this usbTOdc cables i found are rated at 750 to 850 mAh ( recomended for 500mAh draw ) and f8 is rated at 1A and wall adapter provide 2A.. ?
    could this damage device ? and in the long run ? or it can destroy just battery and dc converter ?


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