The LA Sound Swapmeet!

I was asked to help promote this amazing meet up. If you are in the Southern California area or even Las Vegas you should drive over to Wilcox Sound and enjoy this wonderful flea market.

In the past I have attended several of the parties hosted the legendary Facebook group LA Sound Mixers and they always exceed expectations. LASM Is a wonderful group of IA695, IA prospects and non union sound mixers who help each other out on a daily bases. And while the group is invite only to join this party is open to the general sound mixing public.

 So if your thinking about adding some gear to your kit, looking to mingle with like minded gearheads, or still in school but you keep volunteering to be the boom op; come on out to this event. 

​== LA Production Sound Lunch & Flea Market ==
Sunday, November 12, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Wilcox Sound & Communications, Inc. | 7680 Clybourn Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 91352
If you have gear to sell or you are looking for a good deal on some specific used items, come and join us at the LA Production Sound Lunch & Flea Market. Thanks to Wilcox Sound, sellers tables ARE FREE!! All Sellers and Buyers must RSVP by Nov 8th. It will be a fun time with gear, good people and Wilcox Sound’s FUN atmosphere. Free Food will be served at Noon!
-For Sellers, Preferential Parking will be given to the first 10 people to show up which will allow you to park your car right in front of the store and you won’t even have to unload your car! You will given a table to set up next to your parking place for maximum convenience. All following sellers will still have an easy load in but RSVP and get there early for a prime spot. Load in details will be sent to sellers a few days before the event. Again, Free Food will be served at Noon so we hope to see you there.

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