Review: Zoom F1

As I’ve stated before I will not personally review the Zoom F1. I think I’m a little bias to say the least. But Curtis Judd just did a review that is pretty honest and even mentions some faults. 

One feature that was not mentioned is there is a tone signal you can enable in the unit to set your headphone output to match your cameras input and meters.  This is a great feature to have if you plan on using it in the on camera microphone setup.

Some of you have said they would like to see a 2.0 Firmware that adds the ability to jam TC and have a  “rough TC” track on the BWF, utilizing the 2nd track when the mono shotgun is plugged in, a safety track that can be preset to -10/-20db, and possibly adding user named files. And I am with you, I think these additions would be pretty neat. And hopefully they add some of them. 

About the Author

Andrew Jones is a location sound mixer based in Los Angeles. He started in the TV and Film industry in 2004. You can email him at


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