This week in Sound #8

More about the new Deity Mics and Wireless systems

Last week, Andrew Jones from Deity Microphones sat down with Thomas Popp from Video Mantis. They tested the soon to be released microphones and also quickly ‘gossiped’ about the possibility of a new wireless system.

Some interesting quotes:

It is technically in development for about 2.5 years. So by the time we will release it, you know we put a lot of thought into this. We are coming with features from day one, that you are gonna see and go; “why didn’t nobody else do this?”
It is gonna be 2.4 Ghz. We don’t wanna make 500 SKUs for all the different countries. People have said, 2.4 is for consumers. But we have done some research on what people have done now with 2.4 Ghz. Most is under 10 mW. That is pathetic, let’s be honest. There is a brand with a 5 mW system. No wonder people are complaining about the range. They are underpowered and have terrible antennas. We know Wifi has the distance. When you put some proper power and antennas behind it, Wifi is not really an issue. But wireless microphones in the same frequency all of a sudden are? Why?

Andrew Jones – Deity Microphones

Watch the complete interview and test demos below.

Sanken’s ‘smallest’ shotgun mic now available

Last NAB Sanken introduced what you can call the smallest shotgun microphone ever, the CS-M1. week the first batches became available at our usual suspects. The body length is 103mm and the weight 55 grams. it retails for 895 USD.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 15.13.56

Mixer/Recorder Bag Options

Florida based Location Sound Corp made a handy cheat-sheet to find a matching bag for your recorder and accessories.

With an ever-increasing number of protective case or bag options available for your mixer or recorder, here’s a little something to make your selection easy…behold our E-Z Mixer/Recorder Bags Guide!

Download a PDF version from their website.



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