Video Chat with Senator

Some of you know him, many of you know of him. Senator Mike Michaels is an institution in the production sound world. I’m fortunate enough to have known him personally for a while now and I had a chance to do a video chat with him, so I present it here to you now. It’s a long one, for sure. Senator is a great story teller … Continue reading Video Chat with Senator

Retro Reviews: EV-643 Dynamic Unidirectional Microphone

Last week I tested the Deity short shotgun microphone from Aputure against the Sennheiser MKH 416. This week I found some cool YouTube videos that review the EV-643 Dynamic Shotgun microphone. This microphone was produced in the mid 60’s by Electro Voice and in the manual references a patent for some of the other dynamic unidirectional microphones Electro Voice produced at the time. electro-voice-643-users-manual-539054 Here is … Continue reading Retro Reviews: EV-643 Dynamic Unidirectional Microphone