HIGHLIGHT: Video Mantis

Most of the time, I find myself writing and making videos and reviews about gear. But today, I’d like to change direction a bit and highlight an amazing resource that we all have as audio professionals, thanks to an incredibly devoted and industrious peer. Sound Mixer Thomas Popp, a man who has literally written THE book on wiring talent (if such a thing is possible), … Continue reading HIGHLIGHT: Video Mantis

Sound Rolling Interview: Andrew Jones

So I was interviewed for Matt Price’s blog SoundRolling.com.  Matt contacted me early last week and asked if I wanted to come on his show and chat about being a sound mixer. Matt is an amazing presenter and really made me feel comfortable coming on his show. Here is the 1.5hr video interview. At one point in the interview one of the audience members asked … Continue reading Sound Rolling Interview: Andrew Jones

Video Chat with Senator

Some of you know him, many of you know of him. Senator Mike Michaels is an institution in the production sound world. I’m fortunate enough to have known him personally for a while now and I had a chance to do a video chat with him, so I present it here to you now. It’s a long one, for sure. Senator is a great story teller … Continue reading Video Chat with Senator

A video chat with Jan McLaughlin

I’m starting a video chat series where I have conversations with audio professionals about their work, how they got started, and other things. It’s meant to be really casual and low key. My first one was with multi-Emmy award winner Jan McLaughlin. Jan is based in NYC and has worked on many high profile projects such as Nurse Jackie and The Sopranos. It is my … Continue reading A video chat with Jan McLaughlin