Unboxing the Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone

Two weeks ago David Peterson of New Zealand (He is like a Barron or Knight down there in the land of New Zealand, I totally researched it too.) reached out to Aputure and recommended a few bloggers to review the Aputure Deity Shotgun microphone. And this past Monday DHL dropped off a box at my apartment so I felt that I should also do an unboxing video. I have had zero experience dealing with Aputure before recieving this box and at no point has Aputure asked for a positive review. In fact, they asked me to be honest so they could use the real feedback to improve anything thats needed. 

The microphone has been milled from two solid blocks of brass. Because of it is completely covered in brass, the Deity blocks a lot of RF interference.

Here you can see the paint job is really nice. The texturing will help the user when holding the microphone in and out of the protective case.
The stock mic clip has a small piece of rubber glued inside to keep the microphone snuggly in place. It’s very well built. The hinge is super stiff and won’t allow your microphone to dip axis once set.
This is what comes in the basic Deity package. The upgraded package comes with a Rycote pistol grip.
Here you can see the length of port openings on the Aputure Deity is the same as the Sennheiser 416 but that the 416 has smaller and more ports.

This weekend I will do a side by side test between the Sennheiser 416, Aputure Deity, and the Rode NTG2.

profile-picAbout the Author

Andrew Jones is a location sound mixer based in Los Angeles. He started in the TV and Film industry in 2004. You can email him at  Andrew@HoldForSound.com



4 thoughts on “Unboxing the Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone

  1. Looking forward to hearing your results and reading your write up. I wish I had the time to test all these new shotguns hitting the market. Thanks for taking the time Andrew! We appreciate it.


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