Sound Rolling Interview: Andrew Jones

So I was interviewed for Matt Price’s blog  Matt contacted me early last week and asked if I wanted to come on his show and chat about being a sound mixer. Matt is an amazing presenter and really made me feel comfortable coming on his show. Here is the 1.5hr video interview.

At one point in the interview one of the audience members asked what gear I typically use. Well here is a some links to the gear I use the most:

Aputure Deity:

I even used the Aputure Deity for this interview. You can see my review of the Aputure Deity HERE:

Zoom F8:


If you have ever read my blog or know who I am you know I love my Zoom F8. It really is a joy to work with. The menus are simple and all the features you need are included… except a serial USB port which someone asked about in my interview.

Point Source Audio:

Without getting too detailed about this here in this post you can click HERE to read my full review and watch the video I shoot.

Full List:

If you are curious about the full list of gear I use you can check out my gear list on my personal website. HERE is a shortcut link directly to that page.


At one point in the interview Matt ask me about why I started WavReport and I talked about my first blog post. If you are curious to see how the blog use to be written you can click HERE to read our first article ever. One thing I should warn you about, the spelling and grammar errors use to be even worse… I mean, they still are terrible. I suck at writing actually. But I’m not letting grammar nazis stop me. 2018 is going to be another great year. Hopefully we can add even more writers to the site and help a lot of people learn about our craft.

I would like to thank Matt Price for asking me to come on his show. If you like our sloppily (that’s a word, its like an adverb I think) blog than you will love his well crafted professional blog. Click HERE to enjoy Matt’s post and subscribe to his Youtube Channel HERE.


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