Director and DP work together again on “their next movie”, budget explodes.

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Los Angeles – After 4yrs of not working together Director of Photography Jose Martin and Director Amy Smith are finally working together on the upcoming Disney TV Movie “Rock The School.” And it has become apparent that Amy may be regretting promising Jose that they will do all of his dream shots “on the next movie.”

“This movie is going to make LOTR look like a SAG UltraLow, ” Jose said to us over the phone. “I am cashing in all those promises Amy made me to 4yrs ago. I have a 150ft camera crane being flown in from Australia along with ordering a custom RED Weapon that will rival the RED BAYHEM.”

We reached out for comment from Amy and found her on Skid Row jonesing for a high to escape her reality. “You never expect for anyone to remember all those promises. Who does that? This was suppose to be a kids movie about a geology class field trip… Now we are flying the crew to Hawaii for a month to shoot VFX plates to key onto a cellphone insert shot.”

Line Producer Ramon Smith of “Rock the School” also doesn’t seem to happy. “I really wish Amy had given us a heads up about this before we sent a memo deal over to Jose. But now he’s signed and we have to honor all these legally binding verbal contracts.”

The budget for “Rock the School” was originally slated for $320,000 but after signing Jose they are now hovering close to $140,000,000. This isn’t the first time a Disney movie has had budgets swell over $100,000,000 due to unforseen production cost but this marks a first for Disney Channel as a network.  We spoke with Disney Channel network president Davod Hoover yesterday about this problem.

“We will be airing this 89 minute movie over the course of 17 hours in order to sell enough commercial time to help pay for the movie. We will also be selling the bluray for $89. We know this is a unproven method for selling blurays but it was very successful during the early days of VHS.” David declined to talk about the instant ramen noodles he was eating at his desk.

“I wish I had asked for more the last time I had worked with Amy,” said Patrick Blunt the sound mixer signed on to the project. “All I am getting this time is they are springing for Lithium 9Vs…”

“This movie is going to be my master piece. All the lights are going to be mounted under drones so we don’t need light stands… genius right?” Jose didn’t take all the credit, “My friend at an ADR studio suggested it. He’s so smart.”

We will keep you updated as production rolls on. It’s safe to say that “Rock The School” has started off with an interesting first week of production.

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Andrew Jones is a location sound mixer based in Los Angeles. He started in the TV and Film industry in 2004. You can email him at


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