Review: Viltrox DC-70EX 7″ HD-SDI Monitor

The other day on Facebook several people were asking about the Viltrox DC-70EX HD-SDI monitor, also known as the cheapest HD-SDI screen on the Amazon market. So here is a video review of the screen.

Here are some closeup pics of a video signal from a ARRI-Alexa Mini on the screen. You can see that it does do an odd thing when next to a solid color block. You’ll see this on the green screen. This is a deal breaker for the camera department folks who read this, but that’s no a real issue for us in the sound department.

It also looks like the video signal is maybe 8-bit because it has severe banding in the shadows. Again, dealer breaker for all the DPs and DITs… perfectly fine for a sound mixer or director. It honestly is sharp enough to pull focus off of if your a 1st AC.

And even though it’s not listed in the manuel it does seem to work just fine with 23.976 signals. To test the monitor I fed it a feed from a Teradek 600 that was connected to an ARRI Alexa Mini and the Viltrox.

In the end this is a really great HD-SDI for any sound mixer who wants a reference screen, check TC, and enjoy the camera return feature that this monitor can offer. Now here are just some photos you won’t get from the Amazon listing.

About the Author

Andrew Jones is a location sound mixer based in Los Angeles. He started in the TV and Film industry in 2004. You can email him at

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