Review: Mozegear QbitXL

MozeGear has now upped the battery size of their Qbit. So what’s different in the XL model?

They have redone the case to be bigger. It now features a 1/4 size hole for mounting the unit to a cameras cheese plate instead of just using velcro. This is a huge ergonomic boost to the Mozegear product lineup that we can hope to see more of from them going forward. This is also a feature that no one else in the micro TC box world is doing.

The bigger improvement is the battery life. Originally only getting 4hr the new model now can run for 30hrs. What’s really going on here? Well the designers at Mozegear probably sourced a bigger Li-Ion pouch cell. And given the dial for the 0-7 settings has moved they probably also did a PCB redesign to fit the new bigger chassis.

Both of these new improvements are welcomed! The QbitXL shows us that the team behind Mozegear is listening and wants to make a product we want.

Offical Press Release:

Introductory Specials

One Qbit $219!

Two-bits $399!

Specials good through November 15, 2017

Starts shipping November 1st

LONGER battery life of

up to 30 hours 

*Small & lightweight (2.5 cubic inches & 1.7 ounces including battery)

*Internal battery that lasts up to 30 hours 

*External powering & charging via Hirose

*Standard locking timecode connectors (BNC or 5 pin Lemo)

*Accurate timecode to better than one frame in 24 hours

*Battery can be replaced

*Easy, intuitive set-up

*Milled aluminum chassis

*Built-in camera mount compatible for 1/4-20 screw or cold shoe

*Made & serviced in USA

One-Bit Special $199

About the Author

Andrew Jones is a location sound mixer based in Los Angeles. He started in the TV and Film industry in 2004. You can email him at


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