REVIEW: K-Tek KMBC1 Mighty Boom Cable

An XLR cable.

That’s what this is.

Enough said, right?

Well, actually no because this XLR cable is mighty!  And I came up with that designation all on my own.  Without any help.  I’ll take my award now.


What makes it “mighty” is the very heavy gauge wire that comprises its structure.  K-Tek claims that this cable is robust, and indeed it is.  I took it out on a couple of shoots recently and I can confirm that it is a beast of a connection.

I yanked it, pulled it, twisted it, stepped on it, burned it, froze it, dropped it off of a roof,  ran over it with a bus, placed it under a hydraulic press, blew it up using nitroglycerin, and even used harsh language toward it.  (you know, the same types of things that any cable would experience on your average shooting day).  It emerged from all of those challenges, unscathed.

Ok so maybe I exaggerated one or two of those tests, but the point is that one would be hard pressed to be able to damage this cable unless they were specifically trying to do so.

With industry standard Neutrik connectors, double soldered wires, and a thick outer sheath, I fully believe that you could send this cable into battle in situations which would make any normal XLR wet itself.

In all seriousness, its a great cable.  As always, the hard working people at K-Tek listen to their user base, and devise more and more tools that we need (and often one that we didn’t realize that we needed until we got it).  I would say that you might not want to use it in absolutely every situation because it is quite large and thick.  It can sometimes be a little more cumbersome to manipulate because its construction lends to more cable memory.  But is that a criticism?  Not at all.  Being good at one’s job is a combination of skill, experience, and using the right tool for the right job.  One size fits all is not a phrase that we can use in this field.

If you want a great coiled cable, that is going to withstand a lot of punishment, and will give you the piece of mind of knowing that you are never going to lose connection, then K-Tek has you covered.


Jared Elkin is a professional sound mixer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



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