REVIEW: Deity TC-1 Timecode Unit

I have been a long time user, and big fan, of the timecode units from Tentacle Sync. When they hit shelves, at their price point, reliability, and feature set, it deeply changed the market. It wasn’t even that long ago that the primary option for a timecode unit was the now comically large Denecke SB series. To be clear, I’m not knocking those older Denecke … Continue reading REVIEW: Deity TC-1 Timecode Unit

REVIEW: Coga Sound BPS System

Sometimes it’s hard in our day and age to find new ways to innovate with location sound gear. “Reinventing the wheel” or “game changer” are phrases which get used far too often in my opinion. Much of time time, a lot of the advances that we actually see are “quality of life” changes which make our day to day work easier. There’s absolutely nothing wrong … Continue reading REVIEW: Coga Sound BPS System

REVIEW: Halter Technical Scene Monitor ver. 2

Halter Technical is a company started by people who actually worked in the field, and who really experienced the types of troubleshooting, pitfalls, successes, and desires of sound professionals first hand. When it comes to IFB headphones, the demands are not as simple as our own. It greatly factors in how the client will feel wearing them. I say “wearing them” in a broad way, … Continue reading REVIEW: Halter Technical Scene Monitor ver. 2

HIGHLIGHT: Behind The Sound Cart: A Veteran’s Guide To Sound On The Set – by Patrushkha Mierzwa

If you take a stroll down internet lane (or one of those fabled book stores from before COVID-19), you will likely be able to find a plethora of books about filmmaking. You’ll find them from directors, actors, producers, and sometimes even cinematographers. What you are very unlikely to find, until now, is much of anything about production audio. Coming from a career spanning 4 decades, … Continue reading HIGHLIGHT: Behind The Sound Cart: A Veteran’s Guide To Sound On The Set – by Patrushkha Mierzwa

REVIEW: K-Tek Stingray Small X

After a long wait, the new generation is finally here. I remember how excited that I was when I got the old blue bag before it was even called Stingray. Now here we are with some huge improvements and the same robust and protective frame that is the Stingray. Some people are passionate about only looking for the smallest, lightest solution around. For me, that’s … Continue reading REVIEW: K-Tek Stingray Small X

REVIEW: Tentacle Track E

Almost everything that I have ever heard about the Tentacle sync boxes has been positive. From the original Tentacle sync to the Tentacle Sync E, these little dynamos have changed the game. They’ve made timecode boxes incredibly small and convenient, and they’ve also pushed the competition to do the same. Ever since I switched to the Sync E’s, I have never looked back. They never … Continue reading REVIEW: Tentacle Track E

HIGHLIGHT: Video Mantis

Most of the time, I find myself writing and making videos and reviews about gear. But today, I’d like to change direction a bit and highlight an amazing resource that we all have as audio professionals, thanks to an incredibly devoted and industrious peer. Sound Mixer Thomas Popp, a man who has literally written THE book on wiring talent (if such a thing is possible), … Continue reading HIGHLIGHT: Video Mantis