NAB 2019 Wrap-Up!

Hello all!  While at the 2019 NAB show, I did some coverage on the show floor.   I certainly didn’t cover everything of value, because theres just too much.  Instead I focussed on doing some interviews with the manufacturers of the big ticket items coming out this year, as well as with some of the others who many more people need to know!

Let’s start with those juicy big ticket items:


Glenn Sanders gave us an excellent overview of the new Nova mixer/recorder, the new URX-100 IFB, as well as the new ZMT3-X rugged bodypack transmitter.

Sound Devices

Paul Isaacs went into some super well formulated detail about the new Scorpio mixer/recorder, along with an excellent third party control surface.


Gordon Moore discussed the future of Lectrosonics and their transition to all digital technology, starting with the new DCHT stereo transmitter and its corresponding M2R IFB receiver.


Sam Greene gave us a peek at the new F6 recorder, including its 32bit float recording which negates the need to actually mix a track since the dynamic range is so massive!


Andrew Jones goes into his new line of lavalier microphones: the W-Lav Pro & the W-Lav Micro (a 3mm sub-miniature!), plus two new boom mics: the S-Mic 2s & an unnamed pen mic with interchangeable capsules.


Eric Leek caught us at the Sanken booth to give us an overview of his line of lav mounting options which excellently separate the mic capsule from touching even the mount itself!  More people need to give Hide-A-Mic’s products a look.

Bubblebee Industries

And last, but absolutely not least, we come to Poul and Caleb from Bubblebee Industries who gave us a comprehensive look into their wind protection for both booms and lavs.   They also went over their lav concealer product lines, including their incredibly low profile concealer mount for the new DPA 6060!  Plus, these workaholic gents did it all while enjoying the absolute best R&R at the show!

That’s all that we have for you this year!  I wish that we could have interviewed everyone, but alas…… the space time continuum prevents such glory.


Jared Elkin is a professional sound mixer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.





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