Small Package, Big Thing: DPA 6060 Sub-Mini Lavs

There are products out that when you open them, they just feel right. Like when you unbox a MacBook or the open the door to that new car that’s just the right fit. This was how it felt when I unwound the 6060 for the first time. Smooth and light, with an unmistakable feeling of quality- exactly what I want from a lav.

My Face When I Unraveled the 6060 for the First Time

What I am really getting at here is that when I first unraveled the microphone I could tell, just by feeling, that it was going to be easy to work with. Now, any quality lav will work well if you take your time mounting it and dial in the settings properly. What I loved about the 6060 was that it worked well even if I didn’t. The combination of the very tiny (low weight) head and the high quality cable come together to form a mic that just won’t generate much handling noise. Very little if put on in a hurry, and virtually none when mounted properly.


It sounds wonderful, duh. The small size makes hiding it in plain sight a very real option, and having it placed in open air gives you an incredible sound for a lav. Of course that’s not always an option and sometimes you’ll have to go underneath clothing. It happens, deal with it.

Now, as I mentioned before, one of the great things about the low weight and high build quality of this mic is that there’s less handling/clothing noise than you would find with another mic, so there’s no need to avoid hiding it in the wardrobe. The sound may end up a bit muffled depending on what type of fabric it’s hidden under, however, I rarely heard it come through in such a way that it would be more than a quick EQ fix later on.

Truthfully I would put this on par or above any other professional grade lav mics that are seen regularly on film sets, i.e. Cos11, MKE2, or the 4060 also by DPA. Another mixer even said to me, “It’s almost like I’m attaching a boom mic right to their chest.” -That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I get where he was coming from.

4060 (left, 5.3mm) vs 6060 (right, 3.4mm)
One day we’ll have boom mics this small. One day.

Ok but what’s the downside?

Well they aren’t cheap, for one thing. A new 6060 comes in at around $650 from the well known retailers. High quality components, great sound, all with the durability of an IP58 rating truly comes at a price. (Hella worth it though I’d say.)

The other general complaint among users was that, with some of the early issued microphones the cap on the mic itself seemed to come off too easily. This flaw was quickly corrected by DPA and their manufacturer and the new units currently being sold (including the one I tested) no longer have this issue.

Thanks for fixing that one, it sounded super inconvenient!

Overall opinion? Buy this mic. Buy like 10 of them. Seriously, I’m not a rep for these guys or anything- it just is really, really, REALLY, ridiculously good sounding. You won’t be sorry, well, at least until your SO sees the bill 😉

Thanks for reading and best of luck out there y’all.


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