Masks, Shields, Covid-19 and the Film/TV World

Are you working on Film and TV sets right now? Well screw you pal, you’re one of the lucky ones.

Most of us have had maybe one or two days here and there but are otherwise stuck in this weird 4th dimension where we want to work, but want to be safe, but don’t know how, so no one’s shooting. Plus there’s so much conflicting information because, well, that’s the world we live in.

Like this, but ball shaped. And covered with idiots.

“Get to the point!” I say to myself, in sweatpants at 3pm, as if I have a reason to hurry.

Eventually, we’ll be back on set. And it looks like it’ll be rushed, SO, I figured I’d write a bit about some of the common tools we can use to keep ourselves and our colleagues just a little bit safer.

We’ll start with the obvious one- the face mask. Some work better than others, but anything seems to be better than nothing, and some retailers will donate to charities when you buy them! There’s even some pretty fresh looking designer ones!

…..and then there’s BabeCloth.
(Yes it’s real, and yes, this is the dystopia we feared)

I did a bit of digging, and as a quick reference I’ve attached the picture that best shows the three most common types of mask and their effectiveness at blocking the Borg. I mean Covid. Whatever.

Cool, that will give us a basic level of protection. But can we go further? Hell yeah we can. As you may have already noticed since you, dear reader, are not only incredibly good looking but are also remarkably observant, is that there’s nothing preventing the flying spit particles from going straight into your eyes or earholes. “NOT MY EARHOLES!” you exclaim. But don’t worry, we can stop those particles by adding face shields!

“It’s actually super easy to breathe in!”
-Anakin Skywalker, currently in hospital for severe burns; unrelated to Covid

But seriously, it’s a solid barrier between your big dumb face and the virus. There’s a reason that the doctors and nurses at testing centers wear a face mask/shield combo along with a sealed body suit. It works. You can order them online in about two minutes, a lot of them are washable and reusable, and it’s somehow even cooler than the BabeCloth!

Just so wildly, incredibly cool

Add a couple bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfect your gear and bam, you’re doing your part to save the world. You’re a hero now. Seriously, it could be the thing that saves someone’s kid. And yes, I know they’re dumb and annoying, but we should still try to save kids.

Apparently they “are the future” or something?

Want to know more? There are plenty of resources already put forward strategies for moving forward. Read em, love em, hate em, I don’t care- just don’t be an idiot- wear a mask.

Best of luck and I hope you don’t die,



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