Cat6 Audio Snakes

Building High Quality CAT6 Audio Snakes

Cables are something easily taken for granted, but not all cables are created equally. There are countless options available between different connectors, cabling options, and wiring specs….oh and of course build quality. You never want a cable to be the reason you can’t finish a work day. Higher build quality cables with proper strain relief help minimize them from failing at inopportune moments. Unfortunately outside … Continue reading Building High Quality CAT6 Audio Snakes

Lavalier Technique: Paperclip Spacer

Using A Paperclip To Create An Air Pocket Around A Lavalier Capsule Arguably one of the biggest learning curves there is in the knowledge base required as a sound recordist is the art of lav placement. They are an essential part of modern production workflows to allow quality audio in scenarios such as extreme wides or scenes with unpredictable dialog from multiple talent. That being … Continue reading Lavalier Technique: Paperclip Spacer