Aaaaaaaaaand we’re back with this week’s edition of “I Love K-Tek, And Everyone Else Should Too!” Seriously, I very often find myself here, singing K-Tek’s praises and it’s absolutely for good reason.  They are constantly seeking feedback from their user base, and painstakingly working on new ways to make our jobs easier and more efficient.  Instead of simply churning out endless pouches and bags that … Continue reading REVIEW: K-Tek KSUHP1 Hip Pack

REVIEW: Viviana Straps eXtreme

A bit ago, I reviewed the original Viviana Straps from Soundfish.  I was a big fan of them, particularly because I had been previously using Neopax and, quite frankly, there is no comparison in my opinion (unless you’re trying to stay warm in the winter, because those things are thick and very hot).  You can see the review of the original straps here. Fast forward … Continue reading REVIEW: Viviana Straps eXtreme

REVIEW: Zoom F8n – The Full Realization Of The F8

Back in 2015 when the F8 was released, Zoom began to be known for something other than their prosumer or documentary tools. Prior to this, for better or for worse, the infamous H4n was the face of the company for pro sound mixers (despite their array of other products). While not at all a bad device for what it did, it was so often one … Continue reading REVIEW: Zoom F8n – The Full Realization Of The F8

REVIEW: Rycote PCS Boom Quick Release System

I caught a glimpse at this little guy back at the 2018 NAB show.  It was a prototype and it wasn’t on display.  Simon Davies at Rycote whipped it out from the cupboard as a preview.  It wasn’t quite there yet as it wobbled a bit, but it was still very exciting.  It weighed almost nothing, it had a click-in system that felt very secure, … Continue reading REVIEW: Rycote PCS Boom Quick Release System

REVIEW: K-Tek KSH1 Stingray Audio SunHat

I wanted to do a quick shout-out to another fine piece of manufacturing from those lovely people over at K-Tek. How do I know that its from K-Tek? Why, because of this! Yes yes, the beloved stingray brand which has brought us such magical wonders as the audio bags, the harness, and the flashlight souvenirs from trade shows. I’m not going to have a whole … Continue reading REVIEW: K-Tek KSH1 Stingray Audio SunHat

REVIEW: Ursa Mini Mounts (vs RM-11 & DPA Concealer)

I want to approach this review from a standpoint of options. We all know as sound mixers that one of the holy grails of our profession would be a laving tool which works on every outfit, every time. Well, to the shock of no one, no such tool exists. However there are several tried and true tools which make it easier, and can even work … Continue reading REVIEW: Ursa Mini Mounts (vs RM-11 & DPA Concealer)

REVIEW: K-Tek Lav Pouches

I’m a night owl.  Always have been, and probably always will be.  What do I do when I’m awake at night?  Why, I think about gear, of course!  Gear in all builds, all ranges, all shapes, and all sizes.  From the complex electronics, to the simplest of accessories.  And that’s what brings me here.  Sometimes it’s the most basic item, which can make your life … Continue reading REVIEW: K-Tek Lav Pouches

Sound-related things to order from China

“Hi, I’m Vincent and I’m addicted to ordering from China”. For over a decade I have a kind of hobby scrolling all night the sites like eBay, AliExpress and Banggood, in search for little things related to our field of work for about no money at all. Sometimes only the free shipping is reason enough to try something out. In the beginning there was eBay, … Continue reading Sound-related things to order from China