REVIEW: K-Tek Lav Pouches

I’m a night owl.  Always have been, and probably always will be.  What do I do when I’m awake at night?  Why, I think about gear, of course!  Gear in all builds, all ranges, all shapes, and all sizes.  From the complex electronics, to the simplest of accessories.  And that’s what brings me here.  Sometimes it’s the most basic item, which can make your life easier on set.

The K-Tek lav pouches are indeed simple, but that doesn’t stop them from being extremely useful.  I, like many other soundies, have no doubt gone through many different setups for which to store our lavalier microphones.  I have to say, that it never felt as efficient and quick to access as these.

Mine have been well loved at this point, as I have taken to storing all of my lavs in these.  When I first received them, I thought that the top snapped together with flat magnets.  But then, I realized that it was actually this nice little spring and hinge setup that you can see in the photos above.  you simply place your fingers on the edges of the pouch and push toward the center and the spring pops open when you’re holding it.

Because that spring and hinge are there, whatever is inside of the pouch will stay securely seated within.  Even those small little caps for a Countryman B6.


And as you can see above, there’s even enough room to comfortably fit more than one microphone inside.  A Cos11, DPA, ECM, MKE, you name it.

They even have that lovely white area on the back where you can sharpie a name onto it.  I use a Ptouch labeler, but thats me.

All in all, a great little accessory that has ended up being perfect for me.  You can grab it and go when you know just the right mic to use, and you can be very sure that it will not open up on you without you specifically trying to do so.  The spring has remained just as strong as the day that I got it.  I haven’t regretted the switch to these for a second, and neither will you.


Jared Elkin is a professional sound mixer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



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