This Week in Sound #3

Every week we list interesting videos, articles, tutorials and what not, about location sound. Timecode Systems Bundle deal If you wanted to add some Ultrasync ONE timecode and genlock boxes to your set, now might be the time. They have a couple of nice bundles to offer, to safe you some money. The offer is both available at your local dealer as well as at … Continue reading This Week in Sound #3

K-Tek HeatBlock Pouches & Pieces for wireless transmitters

New from K-tek: the Stingray HeatBlock line, A pouch designed to insulate wireless microphone wearers against the heat produced by the transmitter.   According to the press release: K-Tek introduces Stingray HeatBlock Pieces & Pouches, a new way to protect the talent from heat produced by wireless microphone transmitters worn on set. Wireless microphone manufacturers have made great strides in producing smaller and more powerful … Continue reading K-Tek HeatBlock Pouches & Pieces for wireless transmitters