This Week in Sound #3

Every week we list interesting videos, articles, tutorials and what not, about location sound.

Timecode Systems Bundle deal

If you wanted to add some Ultrasync ONE timecode and genlock boxes to your set, now might be the time. They have a couple of nice bundles to offer, to safe you some money. The offer is both available at your local dealer as well as at the web store of Timecode Systems themselves.

Hide-A-Mic teaser

The Netherlands based Hide-A-Mic are making nice little attributes to, you guessed it right, hide a microphone as scratch free as possible under wardrobe. Soon they will release a new product, to be used with the Sanken Cos-11 lavalier microphone. They teased us on Instagram with a preview:


Dine and Demo with K-tek and DPA

If you are in or around Chicago US, you might wanna go to the ‘Dine and Demo‘ with DPA Microphones and K-Tek, Organized by Second City Sound, on the 21th of May.

DPA and K-Tek will demonstrate how their lines of products can improve your production sound. K-Tek will present a mini-seminar on boom operation while DPA will show their latest shotgun and lavalier microphones.

RSVP on the Eventbrite page, attendance is free of charge.



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