Synco, The Next Big Thing?

Is Synco’s Wireless System the next big thing in the Pro Audio game?   Nope. Ease of use. That’s the thing that this system really has going for it. From unboxing to functioning at its best is a short trip. Open box, add batteries, plug into recorder, auto sync channels, dial in “volume” on the receiver, and go. So how is it so user friendly? … Continue reading Synco, The Next Big Thing?

Tips and Tricks – DPA 4098

Recently I found myself with an opportunity to try out DPA’s 4098, a podium microphone, as a plant mic. The scene: a taxi driver with a passenger in the back seat. The dialogue was in arabic- so I didn’t understand a word, but I definitely heard them as clear as day. The 4098 is a super-cardiod, gooseneck mic and is available in a variety of … Continue reading Tips and Tricks – DPA 4098

Tutorial: Über DIY Olympia Cart #Pimping

Olympia Tools reach out to me a month ago and asked if I would mod and hack one of their carts into a proper filmmaking style cart. I said YES! LOL These carts sell on Amazon Prime between $50-$100 with free shipping. More often than not they average between $50 – $70 really. So they sent me the very popular Olympia Folding Service Cart. … Continue reading Tutorial: Über DIY Olympia Cart #Pimping