REVIEW: Tentacle Track E

Almost everything that I have ever heard about the Tentacle sync boxes has been positive. From the original Tentacle sync to the Tentacle Sync E, these little dynamos have changed the game. They’ve made timecode boxes incredibly small and convenient, and they’ve also pushed the competition to do the same. Ever since I switched to the Sync E’s, I have never looked back. They never … Continue reading REVIEW: Tentacle Track E

‘Poor man’s’ timecode based lav-recorder by Tentacle Sync

Four years ago I was preparing for a feature movie. The DOP asked me what kind of timecode solution I had on hand. As we all had back in the day, I showed him the Ambient Lockit, the size of a small cigar box, with some weight to it as well. He took something from his jeans’ pocket, I thought it was a 9-volt battery. … Continue reading ‘Poor man’s’ timecode based lav-recorder by Tentacle Sync