Review: Tentacle Sync E & The New Tentacle Sync Bluetooth App

Tentacle sent me a set of Sync E units to review. So here is me unboxing the units as while as show you how to sync them to your phone for the very first time.

The Tentacle Sync E will be shipping very soon. (I think before the end of next week?) But before yours arrives you should get yourself some sync cables since the Sync E only ships with AUX cables really for your car…. I’ve sourced some cheap cables that will ship free via Amazon PRIME.

3.5mm To ARRI Alexa –

3.5mm To Sony –

3.5mm To Alexa Mini –

3.5mm To RED Cameras –

It should also be mentioned that EFK Sound already has a rubberized bumper case for the Tentacle Sync E if you think you need the protection. To order it from EFK Sound just send them a message via FB-Messenger.


So lets talk about Bluetooth 4.2 and why you should let go of everything you think you know about Bluetooth.

In the past you’ve known bluetooth to be an Ad Hoc network device: 1 bluetooth device connected to another. Well that is not how 4.2 works. Now Bluetooth devices can create a mesh network and multi devices can connect to each other, creating a web style network.

star mesh_0
The network on the left is a Tradition Network. On the right is a Mesh Network.

Tentacle Sync

As you can see on Tentacle Sync’s website they even talk about how their devices are always broadcasting out a signal that any device can jump on. It wouldn’t shock me if we see a firmware update for the Tentacle Sync E and the App that lets you create this mesh network so you never lose range. Like a Mesh Mode that is pushed onto all your devices so they start talking to each other as while as your phone. In that the concept of timecode would be set by a timecode cloud that you created daily.

Speaking of range when I tested how far line of sight range was for the Tentacle Sync E and my Samsung phone I was about to go 145-150ft (18 parking spaces.)

Tentacle Sync 2

But the main reason why I sold my Ambient Nano Lockits and switched to the Tentacle Sync E is because the team in Germany are developing an API for other manufactures. Their hope is that others that have added bluetooth to their products will be able to read the TC signal that’s always being sent out. Hopefully in the near future script supervisors will launch MovieSlate on their iPads and grab a signal from the Bluetooth TC cloud; Where a GoPro doesn’t have to have any cables and you can just velcro a Tentacle sync to it; Or 360 Camera array that are made up of photography cameras all reading TC from a signal Tentacle Sync E that is mounted on the 360 rig.

That future isn’t impossible. We just need push manufacture of gear we used to develope firmware with Tentacles API. So, lets do it.

About the Author

Andrew Jones is a location sound mixer based in Los Angeles. He started in the TV and Film industry in 2004. You can email him at


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