This Week in Sound #4

K-tek ‘SPECIAL’ Month

This month K-Tek has a couple of discounts going on for selected bags and pouches from their Stingray line. The discount can go up to $50 on the Stingray Medium field recorder bag for example. Check your local dealer if they participate in the discount program.

Deity Microphones new education web show

Last week Deity Microphones started an educational video series. Each episode will come out on Fridays and concentrate on teaching viewers different tips and hacks to get better audio for their film productions. The primary focus of each episode is to education and not advertise, just like Aputure’s 4 minute film school.

At the moment there are two episodes online, go check them out at their YouTube channel.

Wisycom MPR52 Dual Channel in stock

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned the new compact dual channel Wisycom in our “This Week In sound“, well this week we can share they are rolling out. A British dealer is listing them for £1550, at the moment that converts to about 2000 USD or 1770 Euro ex. any sale taxes. As you can see in the images below, the receiver is just as big as an Sennheiser G3 TX/RX, so this might be the most portable dual channel reciever out there at the moment. For more details on the specifications check out Wisycom’s website.


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