This Week in Sound #2

Every week we list interesting videos, articles, tutorials and what not, about location sound.

Wisycom mpr52 2 channel ENG receiver

It was announced last year, but just this week Wisycom updated the website with all the details about the new dual channel MPR52 ENG receiver. This might be the smallest 2 channel wireless receiver out there, ideal to put on a camera as a hop, or for a really small bag setup. Key features are:

  • Two channels receiver
  • Both analog and AES output on a 5 pin XLR
  • multiband front-end filtering
  • Operation and charger (lithium) thru USB connector
  • 790 MHz bandwidth

Check out Wisycom’s website for more information, pricing to be announced.


Sound Devices MixPre Re-mix demo

A couple of weeks ago Sound Devices updated the firmware of the MixPre series. It came with the Re-mix functionality, the ability to playback any existing file and create a new LR mix by adjusting its ISO tracks’ fader levels and pans. Curtis Judd made a demo video showing the new feature in action.

Booming & Digital Wireless Latency

With all the new digital wireless systems popping up left and right, digital delay comes a thing to keep in mind. Dutch retailer Audio Electronics Mattijsen made a video explaining and demoing it in a real world situation, with a boom mic setup

Gotham Sound Expo

If you happen to be in or in or around New York City, this Saturday the 5th the Gotham Sound Expo will be held.  Sennheiser, Zaxcom, Sony, Sound Devices and dozens of other vendors will be present, showing their latest equipment. It all starts at 11am at Gotham’s shop in Long Island City and goes to 4pm, After that there will be an after-party.

For tickets go to the website.

Lectrosonics manufacturing process

Here at WavReport we are addicted to ‘How it’s made’, so we can watch hours to videos like this quick process of how a Lectrosonics SMWB wideband receiver is being handled by the pick and place machine.

Notable firmware updates

A list of firmware updates released this week:


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