This Week in Sound #6

Consumer VS pro Wireless systems

This week Curtis Judd goes over the differences between an entry level wireless audio system, vs the more expensive ones. He compares the RODELink, Sennheiser G3 (and now G4), and the Audio Limited A10 system in the video.

We clarify the important differences so you can understand when a consumer grade wireless system is everything you need for your projects and when it might make sense to rent or buy a pro-level wireless system.

100 Side Projects

We are a big fan of everything 100 Side Projects (a.k.a. Kristian Delchev) comes up with, so this week we just want to point you guys to his Facebook and Instagram pages, to drool on the nice projects.


Cinegear Expo 2018

Today the CineGear Expo 2018 at The Studios at Paramount, Hollywood started. If you are in or around Los Angeles this is a good opportunity to go check out the various audio gear out there at the exhibition, this weekend. Companies like Lectrosonics, Deity Microphones, Aaton etc. are all present.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 00.08.35.png

Firmware updates:


One thought on “This Week in Sound #6

  1. Hi Vincent
    I just wanted to say thank for your kind words and for pointing people to 100sideprojects. It is very much appreciated.
    Kristian Dlechev


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