Deity Microphones going wireless?

Last weekend at the CineExpo LA, Deity Microphones informed the interested crowd that they are exploring the idea of offering a wireless RX/TX system. Deity Microphones is a spin-off of Aputure. This month they will launch the successor of their waterproof shotgun microphone.

Of course we contacted our formal editor in chief, now Head of North America at Deity Microphones, Andrew Jones and asked what’s up:

We are exploring the idea and listening to people.

Andrew Jones

At the Deity booth they were asking people attending what they would want to see in a wireless kit, according to a visitor of the event.

We here at WavReport already made our list:

  • Top facing screen, for audio bag use
  • Removable antennae
  • Remote control of the TX via the RX
  • two channel receiver
  • Digital audio

We are sure Andrew is monitoring this website, so leave a comment below to get your voice heard and what you want to see in a new wireless kit!


11 thoughts on “Deity Microphones going wireless?

  1. I personally would love to see a never clip solution like what Zaxcom is doing with their 200 series. Also some IFB options on the wireless like what Lectrosonics is doing as well.


  2. Exciting.

    Oled screening.
    Powering over sma.
    True diversity.
    RX Battery monitoring on TX screen.
    Built in rechargeable battery, but with system of replacing it with AA in case of emergency.

    OK now let’s dream.
    Ability of interoperability with other systems.
    App in ios & android for monitoring rf & af signals. Battery too.
    Oh, and good, strong output signal from TX.

    Will stay tuned for more news.
    Keep up the good work


  3. Oled screening.
    Powering over sma.
    True diversity.
    RX Battery monitoring on TX screen.
    On/off transmiter via wifi from receiver.
    2 ms latenci maximun,

    and Europe version / internal recorder for backup.
    That would be an assured success! 🙂


  4. Why not have a digital transmitter and a receiver with an AES bypass to take digital sound directly to the recorder rather than forcing another AD conversion?


  5. A phantom boom solution.(smaller,lighter form factor… a bit like Audio Ltd ‘s discontinued PTX2040)
    A dedicated camera hop. Maybe utilise the UK 823.00 – 832.00
    Hybrid please and shared compander for Wisycom users.


  6. How about having the balls to break Zaxcom’s B.S. “patent” on having the transmitter record audio to a MicroSD card. Zaxcom did not innovate this and should never have been given the patent. It’s holding back the entire industry.


  7. I’m So disappointed……The TX size is too bigggg,I think its better make it smaller:)Also change the shell design…..plz


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