This Week in Sound #6

Consumer VS pro Wireless systems This week Curtis Judd goes over the differences between an entry level wireless audio system, vs the more expensive ones. He compares the RODELink, Sennheiser G3 (and now G4), and the Audio Limited A10 system in the video. We clarify the important differences so you can understand when a consumer grade wireless system is everything you need for your projects … Continue reading This Week in Sound #6

This Week in Sound #5

Firmware update for the Sound Devices Mix Pre series Yesterday Sound Devices made Firmware v2.20 available for download.  For a complete (huge) list all the addressed issues and extra’s, or to download the firmware, go check out Sound Devices’ Website. See the Aaton Cantaress in real life If you are one of the few Aaton Cantar users, you’ve been waiting for the Cantaress Mixing desk. The … Continue reading This Week in Sound #5

Ursa Straps announced the Mini Mounts

British based Ursa Straps (I guess they have to change the name now) announced a series of Mini Mounts this week, meant to be used for concealed lavalier microphone placement. The mounts are specifically designed for a microphone, to be friction fitted and kept in place by a sticky piece, also available in the exact size from Ursa. I had a quick chat with Simon … Continue reading Ursa Straps announced the Mini Mounts

This Week in Sound #2

Every week we list interesting videos, articles, tutorials and what not, about location sound. Wisycom mpr52 2 channel ENG receiver It was announced last year, but just this week Wisycom updated the website with all the details about the new dual channel MPR52 ENG receiver. This might be the smallest 2 channel wireless receiver out there, ideal to put on a camera as a hop, or … Continue reading This Week in Sound #2

What we know about the new Zoom F8n

UPDATE June 1: The product page for the new F8n is online and besides the things we went over below in our article, there are some more new features of the successor of the F8: Zoom AutoMix™ Meet your new assistant sound editor, the Zoom AutoMix™. This smart software automatically adjusts the levels of your mix to reduce the amount of ambient sound, so you … Continue reading What we know about the new Zoom F8n

Lectrosonics releases PDR firmware 2.0

Lectrosonics has updated the firmware of the PDR (Portable Digital Audio Recorder) to version 2.0. According to Karl Winkler (Vice President of Sales) the new update offers: iXML Header Support, which allows for recordings to contain industry-standard iXML data in the file headers, enabling easy handling in typical editing software. And Filesystem Protection adds provisions to protect recorded data on the Micro SD card when … Continue reading Lectrosonics releases PDR firmware 2.0