This Week in Sound #7

Better late than never, This/Last Week in Sound!

Zaxcom Deva 24 Record Processor warning
Last week a couple of posts popped up on Zaxcom user groups, the latest addition to Zaxcom’s recorder line-up showed some users this message:

Record Processor Not Responding, Restart Deva Now

Zaxcom’s Director of Product Development Howard Stark responded today with a firmware update, pushing the version number to 2.36.

Curiously,  Both CEO Glenn Sanders as Howard Stark are mentioning that it might be a hardware issue, so that makes us wonder how a firmware update would solve this. If we have more info about this we will report. In the meantime the latest firmware can be downloaded here:

Sonosax Bundle deal

Swiss company Sonosax has a special deal going on for the SX-R4+ recorder in combination with the SX-RC8+ (dedicated faders extension module). Combined the discount will be around 1000 USD.

Wingman App updated

Sound Devices released version 3.10 of Wingman.  Updates include:


Ability to create, edit and email sound reports for the MixPre-10T.


  • iPhone X Safe Area is now implemented requiring that iOS 8 and earlier are no longer supported. Use iOS 9 or higher.
  • Support for 20 character MixPre filename lengths.


  • Meters that are not allowed to be named appeared to be editable e.g. 633 X3 and X4.
  • iOS 11 was not notifying users that Bluetooth was disabled when Wingman was launched.
  • Some Sound Report Info tab dropdown menus were displaying white text on white background making them impossible to read. (Android Only)
  • Entering 37 or more characters in the Notes field would unexpectedly close Wingman. (Android Only)
  • Various display issues with iPhone X.

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