Lavalier Technique: Paperclip Spacer

Using A Paperclip To Create An Air Pocket Around A Lavalier Capsule Arguably one of the biggest learning curves there is in the knowledge base required as a sound recordist is the art of lav placement. They are an essential part of modern production workflows to allow quality audio in scenarios such as extreme wides or scenes with unpredictable dialog from multiple talent. That being … Continue reading Lavalier Technique: Paperclip Spacer

Ursa Straps announced the Mini Mounts

British based Ursa Straps (I guess they have to change the name now) announced a series of Mini Mounts this week, meant to be used for concealed lavalier microphone placement. The mounts are specifically designed for a microphone, to be friction fitted and kept in place by a sticky piece, also available in the exact size from Ursa. I had a quick chat with Simon … Continue reading Ursa Straps announced the Mini Mounts

First Day in The Field: A Breakdown Of A Sound Assistant’s Day

The time has come. You are excited and ecstatic to have your first day on set as a Sound Utility / A2 / Sound Assistant. Ideally, you have done some shadowing, and learned what is required.  Perhaps all you have done is your own research. But, now you are to embark on a 100+ person crew and theres a lot to cover. Welcome to Sound Department! Do … Continue reading First Day in The Field: A Breakdown Of A Sound Assistant’s Day

Review: Audio Technica Unimount

I have been seduced by the DPA 4098s  for a while now. It has replaced the omnigoose as the perfect car rig microphone. I have been working on designing my own with some success. I built a goose neck microphone that is terminated to Sennheiser 3.5mm. The gooseneck arm is from a Newwer Skype mic and the head is from a in-car-mount microphone meant for … Continue reading Review: Audio Technica Unimount