Ursa Straps announced the Mini Mounts

British based Ursa Straps (I guess they have to change the name now) announced a series of Mini Mounts this week, meant to be used for concealed lavalier microphone placement. The mounts are specifically designed for a microphone, to be friction fitted and kept in place by a sticky piece, also available in the exact size from Ursa.

I had a quick chat with Simon Bysshe, the co-founder (and fellow sound mixer) for some more details;

The moulded mounts are hand finished piece by piece. To get the finish as smooth as possible, which in return gives an optimal low friction thus noise when rubbing against skin or fabric.

The stickies they provide are exactly cut for the back of the mount, to optimise the small size and “concealness” of the mount.

At the moment of launch there will be 3 variants, designed for the Sanken COS11, DPA 4060 & 4071 and 4 colours – black, white, beige & brown. A version for the Sennheiser MK1 and MK2 is in the making. The idea behind the design is that is has to be tailor-made to the exact dimensions of a microphone. Because The DPA 4060 and the Countryman B3 are identical, the latter will fit that specific mount as well.

The pricing will be ‎£12 (~16 USD or ~14 EURO ex vat) for the mount, and £5 (~5.75 EURO or 6.70 USD) for the stickers (pack of 30).

At the moment the scheduled availability is late June 2018, at the usual dealers around the world.

Matt Price did a quick video, with his first impressions.


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