This Week in Sound #7

Better late than never, This/Last Week in Sound! Zaxcom Deva 24 Record Processor warning Last week a couple of posts popped up on Zaxcom user groups, the latest addition to Zaxcom’s recorder line-up showed some users this message: Record Processor Not Responding, Restart Deva Now Zaxcom’s Director of Product Development Howard Stark responded today with a firmware update, pushing the version number to 2.36. Curiously,  Both … Continue reading This Week in Sound #7

This Week in Sound #5

Firmware update for the Sound Devices Mix Pre series Yesterday Sound Devices made Firmware v2.20 available for download.  For a complete (huge) list all the addressed issues and extra’s, or to download the firmware, go check out Sound Devices’ Website. See the Aaton Cantaress in real life If you are one of the few Aaton Cantar users, you’ve been waiting for the Cantaress Mixing desk. The … Continue reading This Week in Sound #5

This Week in Sound #1

A brand new segment on Wav.Report: This Week in Sound. Every week we list interesting videos, articles, tutorials and what not, about location sound. Sound Devices and Audio Limited Discuss Their Merger and the A10 Digital Wireless System Launch Glen Trew talks with Matt Anderson, CEO/President of Sound Devices, Jon Tatooles, Co-Founder/Chief Business Development Officer of Sound Devices, and Kishore (Kish) Patel, Managing Director of … Continue reading This Week in Sound #1

Battle: MixPre Kashmir PreAmps Vs Zoom F-series PreAmps

The MixPre3/6 are shipping now and immediately people are testing them against their other pieces of gear.  The most obvious piece of gear a lot of people want to see it compared to is the Zoom F-series. And while it is an unfair fight when comparing features given that the Zoom F4/F8 offer more for the money we can atleast see how do they sound … Continue reading Battle: MixPre Kashmir PreAmps Vs Zoom F-series PreAmps