This Week in Sound #5

Firmware update for the Sound Devices Mix Pre series

Yesterday Sound Devices made Firmware v2.20 available for download.  For a complete (huge) list all the addressed issues and extra’s, or to download the firmware, go check out Sound Devices’ Website.

See the Aaton Cantaress in real life

If you are one of the few Aaton Cantar users, you’ve been waiting for the Cantaress Mixing desk. The Cantaress is compatible with both the CantarX3 and the CantarMini recorders. Trew Audio LA is hosting a Demo Day, next Thursday.

New Products from Remote Audio

Last week Remote Audio announced a couple of new/updated products. amongst them the ON A BELL ™ Bell and Light System, an updated BDS and an updated headset cable.
See Trew Audio’s website for more details and pricing.



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