This Week in Sound #1

A brand new segment on Wav.Report: This Week in Sound. Every week we list interesting videos, articles, tutorials and what not, about location sound.

Sound Devices and Audio Limited Discuss Their Merger and the A10 Digital Wireless System Launch

Glen Trew talks with Matt Anderson, CEO/President of Sound Devices, Jon Tatooles, Co-Founder/Chief Business Development Officer of Sound Devices, and Kishore (Kish) Patel, Managing Director of Audio Limited, about the recent merger between the two companies, the fairly new digital A10 (recording) wireless system and integration with the Sound Devices product line.

Read the complete article and watch the videos on

DPA ‘Get Closer’ World Tour

DPA World TourLast year DPA Microphones celebrated their 25th anniversary and did that by organising world wide masterclasses. By popular demand they continued this year. recent dates added to the tour are May 15 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico and May 29 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

See the website for full details about the events:

If You Don’t Trust The Camera Audio Meters (Matt Price)

Matt Price of Sound Rolling is always busy sharing his knowledge on Youtube and we are thankful for that. This week he gives tips and tricks on how to deal with tone level for setting up (scratch) audio on fiddly camera’s like DSLR’s, which generally don’t have trustworthy audio metering.

Andrew Jones and Deity Microphones

Founder of this site, Andrew Jones is Deity Microphones’ new head of North America. Deity Microphones is a new company, taking the microphones from sister company Aputure under its own umbrella. At the last NAB show it came clear they will take this new undertaking pretty serious, with a completely upgraded line to be launched this summer under de new brand name. As a side effect, Andrew steps down as Editor in Chief of this website, to avoid conflict of interest. Jared Elkin is taking over the role.

In case you missed it, check out Andrew’s talk with Sarah Glaser at the NAB ’18 show, about sound mixing 101.


Notable firmware updates

A list of firmware updates released this week:



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