Synco, The Next Big Thing?

Is Synco’s Wireless System the next big thing in the Pro Audio game?   Nope. Ease of use. That’s the thing that this system really has going for it. From unboxing to functioning at its best is a short trip. Open box, add batteries, plug into recorder, auto sync channels, dial in “volume” on the receiver, and go. So how is it so user friendly? … Continue reading Synco, The Next Big Thing?

Deity Microphones going wireless?

Last weekend at the CineExpo LA, Deity Microphones informed the interested crowd that they are exploring the idea of offering a wireless RX/TX system. Deity Microphones is a spin-off of Aputure. This month they will launch the successor of their waterproof shotgun microphone. Of course we contacted our formal editor in chief, now Head of North America at Deity Microphones, Andrew Jones and asked what’s up: We are … Continue reading Deity Microphones going wireless?

K-Tek HeatBlock Pouches & Pieces for wireless transmitters

New from K-tek: the Stingray HeatBlock line, A pouch designed to insulate wireless microphone wearers against the heat produced by the transmitter.   According to the press release: K-Tek introduces Stingray HeatBlock Pieces & Pouches, a new way to protect the talent from heat produced by wireless microphone transmitters worn on set. Wireless microphone manufacturers have made great strides in producing smaller and more powerful … Continue reading K-Tek HeatBlock Pouches & Pieces for wireless transmitters

Mic techniques for a bad location

There will be times when you are faced with a noisy location. There are mics used on super small one-man-band no budget jobs, and there are mics, that aren’t super expensive, that are much better options. Sometimes “good enough”, really isn’t good at all. In this video, Dave gives us three different mic technique examples for a noisy location and talks about the positives and … Continue reading Mic techniques for a bad location

Breaking News: Saramonic VmicLink5 Wireless Microphone Leak!

MovoPhoto, the official USA distributor for Saramonic, released a photo of what they claim is the “worlds first interference free wireless microphone!” And with that info to go on, I started to investigate and see if I could find more info out about these units. This lead to me a page posted on AliExpress and another post on a Taiwanese “Amazon” like  market. Both listings … Continue reading Breaking News: Saramonic VmicLink5 Wireless Microphone Leak!

Video Chat with Senator

Some of you know him, many of you know of him. Senator Mike Michaels is an institution in the production sound world. I’m fortunate enough to have known him personally for a while now and I had a chance to do a video chat with him, so I present it here to you now. It’s a long one, for sure. Senator is a great story teller … Continue reading Video Chat with Senator

Review: RF Venue Spotlight Nearfield Antenna

A few weeks ago I emailed RF Venue begging to demo their Spotlight Nearfield antenna pad. They had just showcased it at Infocomm 2017. RF Spotlight Antenna – There they showed how it was able to really reject the massive amount of background RF that was all over the expo floor. And after a little bit of exchanging emails I was able to score a … Continue reading Review: RF Venue Spotlight Nearfield Antenna