Lavalier Technique: Paperclip Spacer

Using A Paperclip To Create An Air Pocket Around A Lavalier Capsule Arguably one of the biggest learning curves there is in the knowledge base required as a sound recordist is the art of lav placement. They are an essential part of modern production workflows to allow quality audio in scenarios such as extreme wides or scenes with unpredictable dialog from multiple talent. That being … Continue reading Lavalier Technique: Paperclip Spacer

Tips and Tricks – DPA 4098

Recently I found myself with an opportunity to try out DPA’s 4098, a podium microphone, as a plant mic. The scene: a taxi driver with a passenger in the back seat. The dialogue was in arabic- so I didn’t understand a word, but I definitely heard them as clear as day. The 4098 is a super-cardiod, gooseneck mic and is available in a variety of … Continue reading Tips and Tricks – DPA 4098

This Week in Sound #3

Every week we list interesting videos, articles, tutorials and what not, about location sound. Timecode Systems Bundle deal If you wanted to add some Ultrasync ONE timecode and genlock boxes to your set, now might be the time. They have a couple of nice bundles to offer, to safe you some money. The offer is both available at your local dealer as well as at … Continue reading This Week in Sound #3

This Week in Sound #1

A brand new segment on Wav.Report: This Week in Sound. Every week we list interesting videos, articles, tutorials and what not, about location sound. Sound Devices and Audio Limited Discuss Their Merger and the A10 Digital Wireless System Launch Glen Trew talks with Matt Anderson, CEO/President of Sound Devices, Jon Tatooles, Co-Founder/Chief Business Development Officer of Sound Devices, and Kishore (Kish) Patel, Managing Director of … Continue reading This Week in Sound #1

Review: Audio Technica Unimount

I have been seduced by the DPA 4098s  for a while now. It has replaced the omnigoose as the perfect car rig microphone. I have been working on designing my own with some success. I built a goose neck microphone that is terminated to Sennheiser 3.5mm. The gooseneck arm is from a Newwer Skype mic and the head is from a in-car-mount microphone meant for … Continue reading Review: Audio Technica Unimount