HIGHLIGHT: Video Mantis

Most of the time, I find myself writing and making videos and reviews about gear. But today, I’d like to change direction a bit and highlight an amazing resource that we all have as audio professionals, thanks to an incredibly devoted and industrious peer. Sound Mixer Thomas Popp, a man who has literally written THE book on wiring talent (if such a thing is possible), … Continue reading HIGHLIGHT: Video Mantis

Small Package, Big Thing: DPA 6060 Sub-Mini Lavs

There are products out that when you open them, they just feel right. Like when you unbox a MacBook or the open the door to that new car that’s just the right fit. This was how it felt when I unwound the 6060 for the first time. Smooth and light, with an unmistakable feeling of quality- exactly what I want from a lav. What I … Continue reading Small Package, Big Thing: DPA 6060 Sub-Mini Lavs

REVIEW: West End Recording COMM/IFB Box

I spend a lot of my time at work doing one-man band jobs.  A lot of corporate, commercials, or narrative that requires sit down interviews with a C-Stand.  But at various intervals throughout the year, I do also work on a good amount of narrative projects which require a boom operator. Because I am not a dedicated cart mixer, I need to keep my gear … Continue reading REVIEW: West End Recording COMM/IFB Box

REVIEW: PICOGEAR Wireless System

I have to say, right off the bat, that this isn’t typically the type of device which would catch my eye.  I generally am more interested in tools for pro sound mixers in particular.  But, it just so happens that I also make videos for WavReport and the pesky things tend to require decent audio as well.  Using my field recording gear for this is … Continue reading REVIEW: PICOGEAR Wireless System

Tips and Tricks – DPA 4098

Recently I found myself with an opportunity to try out DPA’s 4098, a podium microphone, as a plant mic. The scene: a taxi driver with a passenger in the back seat. The dialogue was in arabic- so I didn’t understand a word, but I definitely heard them as clear as day. The 4098 is a super-cardiod, gooseneck mic and is available in a variety of … Continue reading Tips and Tricks – DPA 4098


Aaaaaaaaaand we’re back with this week’s edition of “I Love K-Tek, And Everyone Else Should Too!” Seriously, I very often find myself here, singing K-Tek’s praises and it’s absolutely for good reason.  They are constantly seeking feedback from their user base, and painstakingly working on new ways to make our jobs easier and more efficient.  Instead of simply churning out endless pouches and bags that … Continue reading REVIEW: K-Tek KSUHP1 Hip Pack